The White Elephant Saloon with Brad Hines
sponsors the Texas Showcase every Tuesday
night, featuring local talent in the
Historic Fort Worth Stockyards

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August 10, 2004

I can't say enough about the staff at the White Elephant. Brad and Jeremy are fantastic and gracious hosts for the showcase. I really wouldn't have gotten back into performing as much if not for their encouragement.

And Amanda is the best! She always takes care of our posse to make sure we're having a great time.

The camaraderie among the musicians is awesome. I really value their friendship and the encouragement. And special thanks to Tim Blazer for encouraging me to write my own material.

Speaking of writing, the "White Elephant Saloon" song never would have seen the light of day without James Smith. I struggled with it for months and after one night working on it with James, we had a finished, polished song.

And for those who like to sing along, here's the chorus:

"So mosey up the sidewalk, and walk right through that door.

Two-step all the way across
the sawdust on the floor.

Or sit there at the bar
and drink your troubles down.

Welcome to the old west,
here in Cowtown."

Words and music copyright © 2004
Jimmy Robinson and James Smith



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