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Guys, please work on the following song(s)
I'd really like to do this one in the studio!

Rock N Roller's
A major - pentatonic lead

mp3 file of live recording (Mike on vocals)

Rock and Rollers

It’s five o’clock on a Friday night, you know we’re all feeling right
Feeling like its party time, we’re gonna cut loose tonight
We busted ass, working all week, lord just to make our way
Feeling like its party time, time for us to get away

We’re Rock and Rollers
Rocking out the night
We’re Rock and Rollers
Lord, you got that right!

Making a living with this axe in my hands, babe you got to understand
I like to buy ya things like a big diamond ring and show you I’m a hell of a man
There’s one thing I must be sure of , girl that you gotta know
When it comes down to things like you and me, babe, I’m tied to my Rock and Roll


Repeat first verse (see new verse below)

lead – modulate up – modulate back down

Chorus then abrupt stop

new verse (2011) use in place of repeated first verse above

Cranes and planes and video games, life just seems to get in the way
Plans were made and courses laid, is it just a masquerade?
Lost in time, lost in space, but never losing sight of our goal
The binding ties that guide our lives is love, life and Rock and Roll!

copyright (c) 1983/2012 Jimmy Robinson

Blue Tick Hound Recordings