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The key components of the website development process are:

Initial Interview
This process helps us evaluate your situation and provides some basic information regarding: who you are, what your time frame is, if you need a domain name, what resources you have in place, why you want a website, etc. We will work with you "one on one" to ensure we've covered all the critical paths with you prior to initiation of work.
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Defining your goals
What are your goals? Are they realistic? What resources in time, money and staff will be required? What is the purpose of your website? What products or services do you plan on offering? Who are your customers? How will you connect with them?

The Project Plan
How much will it cost? How is this all going to work together? How long will it take? What will I have to provide? What does the Agreement include? What about copyrights, trademarks & warranties?.

This phase of the process is where the site content and design features are developed. The graphic interface is produced and the layouts, illustrations, photographs, navigation systems, and other graphic elements, type styles and faces are applied. Links are checked, programming is analyzed and tested and the site structure begins to take shape

At the end of this process, your website is loaded onto the server and final testing is completed.

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